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Scrapple From The Little Apple

with salt peanuts

pocket t-shirt
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bebop, belle and sebastian, biking, charlie parker, chocolate labs, cinnamon oriental shorthairs, claude debussy, cool tmbg-fan travelling companions, crappy weather, crossword puzzles, dark chocolate & orange, david sedaris, dizzy gillespie, ella fitzgerald, fermat's last theorem, food_and_drink_that_aren't_too_sweet, fountains of wayne, gardening, garlic, grown-up soda, hazelnut, hiking, igor stravinsky, j.s. bach, jane austen, john coltrane, john_flansburgh's_backside_in_alice's_photos, john_linnell's_messed_up_lyrics, kayaking, les chauds lapins, lush, mark sandman, maurice ravel, max roach, mccoy tyner, monty python, morphine, mountains, npr, oranges, orchids, phil schaap, pizza_goldfish, platypi, rain, reinstein & ross, ride, running, ruth reichl, salt, santa cruz bikes, scat singing, schoolhouse rock, sesame_bagels_with_whitefish_salad, shanghai soup dumpling, shirley temples, shitty shitty jazz riffs, snow, stone houses, sushi, tea_with_golden_blossom_honey, telemark skiing, terry gross, the jam, they might be giants, this dang band jams, treat her right, uni, voluntary human extinction, wait_wait_don't_tell_me, whitewater, whtg, wkcr, wnyc, yoga